Navgraha, mantra, stotra

According to hindu vedic astrology, the Unfavorable position of planets in our birth chart are responsible for all the negativity’s and hardship in our life.

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Vedic mantras, beej mantras, Navagrah chalisa, Navagrah stotram, Navagrah kavacham,most popular to honour the planet and influence them positively.
we have developed Navgraha App to help you keep these powerful mantras,prarthna,stotra,chalisa, kavach & remedies with you so that you can access them anytime when you need god’s guidance in your life.

It comes pre-loaded with a collection of the following:
1. Navagrah Slokas
2. Navagrah Beej Mantra
3. Navagrah Gayatri Mantra
4. Navagrah Devata Prarthna
5. Navagrah Dosha
6. Remedies for Navagrah Dosha
7. Navagrah Stotra
8. Navagrah Pidahar Stotram
9. Navagrah Kavacham
10.Navagrah Chalisa