Rahu grah

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu,is the 8th planet.
This planet is also not visible in the galaxy. Rahu does not own any sign.

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According to Hindu Mythology Rahu swallows the Sun or the Moon causing eclipses.
Rahu is also known by other names also such as Tamas, Svarbhanu, Simhikeya, Vidhuntuda, Asra-pisaca , Graha kallola, Sirsaka and Upaplava.
Rahu is regarded as one of the malefic planets in Indian Astrology
It is believed that if you have a malefic Rahu in your horoscope, what we commonly call Kalsharp Yog, it is advised to get its remedy puja done at the earliest. If Rahu is afflicted, one faces miseries and obstacles on the way of success.
This application gives a complete information of the different pujas/ remedies to reduce the ill effects of Rahu. Information about fasting, the process of worship/ doing puja, Mantras and its details, the count of its chanting and its benefits are a few to be named.
You will also find a great collection of the Rahu Mantras and their Beej Mantras and Stotras in this application.
This app also give information about Kalsarp Dosh & its remedies.
The major content of the application are:
1. Katha
2. Subh Fal
3. Ashubh Fal
4. Pujan Vidhi
5. Mantras (how many time do jap)
6. Stone
7. Daan
8. Shanti path
9. Rahu Kavacham
10. Rahu Stotra
11. Rahu Mangal Stotram
12. Rahu Stuti
13. Kal Sharp Yog
14. Rahu Kaal
• Multiple language support, available in Hindi/Gujarati/English