Aarti sangrah

Aarti Sangrah is a good collection of many popular "AARTI" of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Aarti Sangrah is a collection of Most useful Aarti's which is used in Indian Festivals, Puja and other religious functions
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This application comes with a unique user interface where user can see and select the Aarti which they wishes to sing.This app from Hindu Dharmik Collection is skillfully conceived with some excellent features like:
* Mark the Aarti as favorite, read, or unread.
* Adjust the font size
* Enable Night mode, where the screen will be turned into black and fonts are all white
* User friendly interface and easy to navigate
* Multiple language support: available in Hindi, Gujarati and English
It comes pre-loaded with a collection of the following Aartis:
1. Shri Hanumanji ki Aarti
2. Shri Shankar ji ki Aarti (shivji)
3. Shri Lakshmiji ki Aarti
4. Shri Saibabaji ki Aarti
5. Shri Durgaji ki Aarti
6. Shri Ramachandraji ki Aarti
7. Shri Ganeshji ki Aarti(marathi )
8. Shri Ganeshji ki Aarti
9. Shri Gangaji ki Aarti
10. Shri Tulasiji ki Aarti
11. Shanidevji ki Aarti
12. Shri Vishnuji ki Aarti
13. Shri Satyanarayanji ki Aarti
14. Shri Saraswatiji ki Aarti
15. Shri Gayatri ji ki Aarti
16. Shri Jagadambaji ki Aarti
17. Shri Santoshi mataji ki Aarti
18. Shri Yamunaji ki Aarti
19. Shri Lakshmi ramanaji ki Aarti
20. Shri Kunj bihari ki Aarti
21. Shri Suryanarayanji ki Aarti
22. Shri Shitala mata ki Aarti
23. Shri Annapurna devi ki Aarti
24. Shri Swminarayan Bhagvan ki Aarti
25. Shri Balaji ki Aarti
26. Shri Vishwakarma ki Aarti
27. Shri Khatu Shyam Ji Ki Aarti
28. Shri Badrinath ki Aarti
29. Shri Vaishno Mata ki Aarti
30. Shri Surya dev ki Aarti
31. Shri Radha-krishna ki Aarti
32. Shri Parvati Mata ki Aarti
33. Shri Bhairav ki Aarti
34. Ma Narmadaji ki Aarti
35. Shri Vindhyeshwari ki Aarti
36. Shri Gaurinandan ki Aarti
37. Shri Gaumata ki Aarti
38. Shri Kedarnathji ki Aarti
39. Bruhaspativar ki Aarti
40. Budhvar ki Aarti
41. Shukravar ki Aarti
42. Shri Gurunanakdevji ki Aarti
43. Shreemad Bhagvat geetaji ki Aarti
44. Maa Adhya Shkti ki Aarti