Mantras in Hindi, English

"Mantra Sangrah" is your app if you wish to refer/read mantras on the go.
Use this app for your assisted recitation needs.

Click here to download:
We tried our best to give meanings of as many mantras as we can so that you understand while you are reciting mantras.
This app is skillfully conceived with some excellent features like
  • Mark the slokas as favorite, read, and unread.
  • Search a sloka
  • Adjust the font size
  • Enable Night mode, where the screen will be turned into black and fonts are all white
  • User friendly interface and easy to navigate
  • Multiple language support:- Available in Hindi/Gujarati/English

It comes pre-loaded with a collection of the following Mantras:
1 Ganesha Mangra
2 Gayatri Mantra
3 Shani Mantra
4 Devi Mahalakshmi
5 Devi Saraswati
6 Lord Shiva
7 Lord Hanuman
8 Lord Surya
9 Devi Durga
10 Sri Durga Gayatri Mantra
11 Devi Chamunda
12 Lord Vishnu
13 Devi Parvati
14 Shri Sai Baba
15 SunMantra
16 Annapurna Mantra
17 Navgraha Mantra
18 Pipal Poojan Mantra
19 Chandra Ardhaya Mantra
20 Chandra Mantra
21 Aasan aur Sharir Shudhi Mantra
22 Tilak Lagane Ka Mantra
23 Bhog Lgane Ka Mantra
24 Mala Japte Samay ka Mantra
25 Apologies Mantra
26 GrhaPida Nakshtra Dosh Dour karne ka mantra
27 Pradshina Mantra
28 Bhay Se Mukti Mantra
29 Sri MahaMritunjay Mantra
30 Safalta Prapti Mantra
31 Sampati Prapt iMantra
32 SanyeDeep Stuti Mantra
33 Mantra before having Meal
34 Mantra after having Meal
35 Holy Bath Sloka
36 Early Morning Sloka
37 Virgo Mantra
38 Cancer Mantra
39 Aquarius Mantra
40 Libra Mantra
41 Sagittarius Mantra
42 Capricorn Mantra
43 Gemini Mantra
44 Pisces Mantra
45 Aries Mantra
46 Taurus Mantra
47 Leo Mantra
48 Scorpio mantra
49 KetuMantra
50 Budh Mantra
51 Brhaspati Mantra
52 RahuMantra
53 Mangal mantra
Worship daily and get benefited.