Kavach sangrah

kavach is divine sequence of words and sentence in sanskrit language which invisibly manifests into protective armour of particular deity.

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It protect the devotee from all ill and bad around him/her at present or in coming future. Kavacham are prayers(stotra) that ask God to protect us.
Kavachas of planets and gods are typically used for physical well-being, protection and removal of disease. The Kavach that saves them from enemies and troubles and protects them like a armour. Whatever be your problems, whether of the horoscope, or spirits these kavach always works.
Kavach sangrah comes pre-loaded with a collection of the following kavacham:
1. Shri Shani kavacham
2. Shri Surya kavacham
3. Shri Rahu kavacham
4. Shri Mahalakshmi kavacham
5. Shri Chandra kavacham
6. Shri mã Kali kavacham
7. Shri Ketu kavacham
8. Shri Hanumatkavacham
9. Shri Ganesh kavacham
10. Shri Krishna kavacham
11. Shri Gayatri kavacham
12. Shri Narayana kavacham
13. Amogh Shiv kavacham
14. Shri Bruhaspati kavacham
15. Shri Mã Sita kavacham
16. Shri Sarasvati kavacham
17. Shri Durgadevi kavacham
The app from hindu dharmik collection is skillfully conceived, with some excellent features..
* Mark the kavacham as favorite, read, and unread.
* Adjust the font size
* Enable Night mode, where the screen will be turned into black and fonts are all white
* User friendly interface and easy to navigate
* Multiple language support:- Available in Hindi/Gujarati/English