Mangal Grah

Mangal Graha or Mars is a part of Navgraha of Hindu Astrology.
This application “Mangal Grah” describes the life and “mahima” of Mangal, the God of War, the planet of desire and action.
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In this application you will find the great collection of Mangal Mantras with their Beeja Mantra and Stotra.
So if a person has any dosha of Mangal Graha then he/she will have to chants the mantras of Mangal Graha.
This app also give information about manglik dosh & its remedy. Mangal Shanti path,Mangal Kavach,Mangal Stotra,Mangala Chandika Stotram are also included in this application
• Multiple language support, available in Hindi/Gujarati/English