108 Name of God & Godesses

This app contains “108 names” of hindu god & godesses. 108 names of god is a Stotra and is also known as “Ashtottar shat Namavali”. This app is a single solution for all those devotees who love to or sing regularly 108 names of god.

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The developer of the application, “Hindu Dharmik Collection” team has added some excellent features keeping in mind the easiness and requirement of the devotees. Some of the features are: ● Mark as favorite, read, and unread.
● Adjust the font size
● Enable Night mode, where the screen will be turned into black and fonts are all white
● User friendly interface and easy to navigate
● Multiple language support, available in Hindi, Gujarati and English
The content list of the application includes:
1. Shri Ganesh
2. Shri Hanuman
3. Bhagwan Shiv
4. Shri Vishnu
5. Shri Ram
6. Shri Krushna
7. Shri Venkatesh
8. Ketu Grah
9. Guru Grah
10. Chandra Grah
11. Budh Grah
12. Rahu Grah
13. Shani Grah
14. Surya Grah
15. Shri Duttattery
16. Shri Tulasi
17. Shri Durga
18. Shri Annapurna
19. Shri Lakshmi
20. Shri Sarasvati
21. Shri Gayatri
22. Shri Sai
23. Shri Batuk bhairav